Sunday, July 25, 2010

Re: Anniversary

My parents are off celebrating their wedding anniversary, and they'll be gone until Wednesday. They've been together some 30 years now. God, they're so old. I love them, though.

Meanwhile, my little sister plans on throwing a raging party while they're gone. I'll have to try to keep things under control. As long as the cops don't show up, I'll be happy.

Not much else going on at the moment. Hopefully I'll have some exciting news soon. By "exciting," I mean mildly interesting. And by "soon," I mean before Christmas.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Re: Life (Updates)

Strap in, because for once I have a lot to talk about.

Well, I finally did it. I shaved off my beard. So, I now get to look even younger than I did before. Ladies, the next move is yours.

Also, it appears that I don't suck at drawing quite as much as I thought. I'm getting better with practice, so my idea about doing a webcomic is actually coming closer to reality. I have a deviantart profile set up as a base of operations for now, at least until I decide on a place to host the strips. You can see a couple early sketches there now. I'll update here and elsewhere when my bastard brainchild finds a home.

And I'm back to working with Home Delivered Meals, if I didn't mention that already. I was supposed to be signed up for 3 mornings a week, but I keep getting asked to fill in, and I can't really say no because I need the money. Two hours and change baking in the morning sun can really take a lot out of me, so I don't like doing a lot of days in a row. Counting today, this weekend and next week, I'll have 6 days in a row. I know it seems like I shouldn't complain about such a short job, but I have to do a lot of running around town in those two to three hours, not to mention dealing with the occasional person who's less than happy to see you. And did I mention, Schenectady sucks. I'm covering someone's route this weekend, so that's two straight days right in the thick of it. My normal weekday route through the Niskayuna area isn't too bad (aside from that one guy who seems to be the bane of every other driver's existence). Maybe I'm just a wimp. Meh.

Oh, and incredibly, I still haven't gotten tired of TinierMe. I don't know why, but I like it. I've met some cool people, and I like collecting different clothes and crap, and playing the occasional games. If you care, my name on there is Tycoonius, and I accept pretty much all friend requests. To me, rejecting a friend request is insulting. Adding them as a friend and then quietly deleting them later is so much sneakier, and doesn't give me a guilt trip.

On the gaming front, I'm still married to my Wii. I still haven't tried to finish Muramasa yet, but I think I'll get to it eventually. In the meanwhile, the Hollywood Video near my house went out of business and I raided their collection before they closed. 3 games for about $30; not bad. Manhunt 2, I've been glued to that for a while now. I don't play every day, but often enough to say I'm really into it. The other two are de Blob, which is fun but just reeks of communist propaganda, and NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. If the first game didn't cement it in you mind, this game confirms that NiGHTS is in fact the most androgynous character ever conceived. His/her voice actor is one of those female actors who usually does voices for young boys because she has a bit of masculinity in her tone. It's impossible to tell whether NiGHTS is intended to be a guy, a girl, or neither. Weirdness. On the bright side, Reala is still a bad-ass.

Here's another thing I remembered recently: you know that idea I had about a sport that would basically simulate a fighting game? Well, since discovering the wonder that is Nerf weapons, I'm starting to think this could really work. Come on, who wouldn't want to whack their friend with a nerf sword? And it would be good for anyone who has ever considered LARPing for the fights but was turned off by the dorky costumes. I really think this could catch on. I'm going to try to put a group together at SUNY IT in the fall, but if anyone wants to try this out before then, you know where to find me.

And guess what? George Thorogood and the Destroyers, whose show I attended last year, are coming back to Albany this August, and I roped the whole family into going with me. That should be fun. Now, I just wish I could get Nickelback/3 Days Grace/Buckcherry tickets... We'll see I guess.

Also, fuck you Facebook. Fuck you and your addictive apps and your viral invites. I swear, I will quit altogether one of these days, but for now Castle Age keeps pulling me back in.

And speaking of online games, BvS has had a ton of updates (McMasters got me hooked on mahjong), with more on the way. I'm still playing daily and loving it all. If you like simple browser-based games at all and/or consider yourself an anime fan (ie. if you either love or hate Naruto), give it a look. If you sign up, enter my guy's name in the referral field for some bonus stamina (It won't help me at this point; I've already got all the referral items).


I think that's about it for now. Peace and love, you crazy kids.