Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just more of the same

I've had my shiny new Wacom tablet for a week now. It hasn't even left the box yet. I swear I think about my comic project at least a few times a week on average, yet I can't find the damn motivation to take some time and work on it. Even now with a tool that'd make the process quicker and easier, I don't find the time. I wonder if I've just grown comfortable with my mediocre unfulfilling life.

I never write anymore either, which leads me to think the same. At least with drawing I have the excuse that I suck. I'm actually a decent writer though, and I usually enjoy writing, so there's no reason for me to NOT do it. And hell, with the shit that gets successfully published and produced these days, I'd have at least a snowball's chance at a career with it, yet I don't do anything.

What am I missing? What have I lost?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just one more thing

Matt Schunk is a punk bitch and I will take him down anywhere, anytime. Believe it.

Seriously, though, I do miss you dude. We need to hang out sometime.

Just getting started

Fall '11 classes are on. I'm taking two courses: Computer Graphics (so dull it's ridiculous), and a theory of game design course. For the latter, I'm required to keep a game journal, reviewing new games I play and relating them to our course material. If anyone would like to read it, it's located here, and in all likelihood I'll be updating it more often than I update this thing.

I'm "on call" for work, but it appears I'm basically done there. It's fine, I knew it'd be a temporary thing anyway. I still have one or two paychecks to wait on, and they may call me in again if they need help with ad-hoc testing. We'll see, I guess.

Also, I'm single. I kind of already was before, except now there are no girls at all that I'm hoping to have a relationship with. In related news, the list of people who hate me has grown by at least one, so... hooray for that. I always knew I had problems communicating my thoughts and feelings, I just never knew it could make me look like a monster to some people. It's surprising I haven't stuck to this blog more, since one-off monologues seem to be the only form of communication I don't always fail at. I don't know, there might be hope for my love life yet, but I'm not about to pursue anything else for a while.

To further shoot myself in the foot, I'll go ahead and mention here how I got a new drawing tablet for my birthday (yeah, I'm 24, and don't really place any significance on it). I'm hoping that the medium of tablet drawing will someone be enjoyable enough to me that it'll motivate me to work on my comic again, but I'm clearly going to jinx myself by saying anything about it here. Every time I proclaim that I'm turning over a new leaf, getting motivated and getting a serious start on this thing, I always end up abandoning it again. I hope that won't happen this time, but... well, why be unrealistic with my expectations?

It also occurs to me I won't be able to keep up this stupid post naming trend much longer, but I'll no doubt push it as far as it'll go. Or at least, just a little farther.

That's basically it for now. I'll return to my previous regular sign-off, if only because neither of these things are very abundant:
Peace and love, everyone.