Monday, September 29, 2008

You'll Go Blind Doing That...

So, I've been playing with my Wii. The only real game I have for it right now, aside from WiiSports/WiiPlay which really don't count, is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Awesome game, but I feel a bit silly with this being the only Wii game I play. It's on the Wii, but it doesn't use any of the Wii motion-sensing abilities. Which, to me, feels like owning a Ferrari and sitting in the driveway listening to the radio. I mean, if all you want is a radio, there's a more cost-efficient way to go about it.

I don't even use the Wii controls for Brawl; I use a gamecube controller. Now, for those of you who have never owned a Wii or closely inspected one, you might not know that on the top, there are two little plastic covers. These open up to reveal a black panel with a set of controller ports and memory card ports for the Gamecube. I think most Wii owners can attest to the fact that this discovery surprised the hell out of them the first time they hooked the system up. Being a stark contrast to the console's white exterior, it kind of looks like they took a black Gamecube and magically jammed it into a little white box.

Here's something else you might not know: those little white covers break off very easily. I found that out the hard way. Actually, they're supposed to come off, and are designed to do so, but when they do, it makes a bone-chilling snapping sound. Believe me, that's not a sound you want to hear coming from your $200 game console, especially if you're like me and didn't bother to mail in the warranty card.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Peoplewatching Tip

Seriously, Zach Weiner is a friggin' genius.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jack Thompson Got Disbarred

Ah, sweet justice. Just goes to show you, if you piss off enough people for long enough, sooner or later somebody is going to smack you in the mouth. Figuratively, of course.

(Read the full article here)

In a four-page written order, the Florida Supreme Court today affirmed a referee's recommendation to permanently disbar controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson.

The action, which takes effect in 30 days, means that Thompson will no longer be licensed to practice law and may not apply for reinstatement. Ever.

In citing a litany of offenses, the Court noted Thompson's extensive pattern of misconduct and cited a "complete lack of remorse." The Court also quoted extensively from the June, 2008 report of Judge Dava Tunis, who served as referee at Thompson's November, 2007 trial on charges brought by the Florida Bar:

In her report, the referee states: Over a very extended period of time involving a number of totally unrelated cases and individuals, [r]espondent has demonstrated a pattern of conduct to strike out harshly, extensively, repeatedly and willfully to simply try to bring as much difficulty, distraction and anguish to those he considers in opposition to his causes.

He does not proceed within the guidelines of appropriate professional behavior, but rather uses other means available to intimidate, harass, or bring public disrepute to those whom he perceives oppose him.

Noting that "The Court concludes that the facts, as even more extensively detailed in the referee's report, support the referee's numerous recommendations as to guilt," the justices of the Florida Supreme Court affirmed Thompson's offenses as delineated by Judge Tunis.

Some of these include findings that Thompson made false statements and accusations, repeatedly harassed those he considered opponents, and, while falsely accusing others of "the criminal distribution of sexual materials to minors," himself attached pornography to court filings.

The Court also upheld a fine of $43,675 against Thompson...


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let's Play A Game...

Watch this video. If you laugh, you lose.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gaming Haze

Just thought I'd post, since I haven't in a while. My general rule of thumb is, if I have to log in to Blogger again because the 'keep me logged in' cookie has expired, it's probably been too long. Unfortunately, I don't have much to say right now. It's just school as usual.

I did finally buy Super Smash Bros. Brawl, though. I've been enjoying it a lot, though I've basically reached the point where it's really only fun in multiplayer. I mean, I could keep collecting all the trophies and stuff, but that seems like an awful lot of effort for not much payout. Once you've beaten Subspace Emissary and you've got all the characters and stages, what's the point?

Aside from that, though, I have continued looking over my retro game collection. I played Resident Evil 4 again for the hell of it, and considered playing Tales of Symphonia because there are a few side quests I never discovered. Besides, I'm probably not going to be buying Tales of the Abyss or whatever the new one for the PS3 is. Although, that would be more reason for me to get a PS3, the primary one being Mercenaries 2. I've heard it's not as good as the original, but I'm kind of a fanboy, and besides, how bad could it be? It's still Mercenaries.

Alright, I guess that's enough rambling to constitute a post. Later, lovers.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monday, September 08, 2008

Something Old, Something New

What's new with me? I'm tired. I have the worst sleeping habits when I'm in college. Oh, wait, that's not really new, is it?

I don't know what it is, but something about the college atmosphere is just really conducive to staying up late and taking naps in the daytime. I think part of the problem is that damn loft bed. Once I'm up there, it takes a serious effort to get up. I can't just "roll out of bed," unless I develop a death wish. If I want to get out of bed, I have to move down to the foot of the bed and over the side like I'm climbing out of a tree house.

Also, to the good men and women of the SUNYIT Facilities Dept., if you're reading this, get your asses to L4 and pick up this extra furniture already. I swear, someone really screwed up when they set the schedule for this furniture pick-up business. The time was pretty specific (between 9am and 12:30pm), but the dates were basically "Beginning on Sept. 2nd, until whenever the hell we get around to it."

Other than that, I've kind of been reexamining the retro gaming classics of my youth. After acquiring the soundtrack to Mr. Bones, I was struck with the urge to make a music video. That might sound strange, unless you realize that the music in Mr. Bones was done by Ronnie Montrose, a legend of the blues world. Even longtime fans of his think Mr. Bones was one of his best albums.

Anyway, you can decide for yourself. I made this video to go with The First Thing, which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard. So, without further ado, take a soulful trip with me down memory lane:

(Note: If you buy the soundtrack, the version of this song on the cd is instrumental only. For the video, I kept the version with the voice-over from the game.)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

This Just In (Albeit A Little Late)

Given the choice, I would probably kill you and your whole family in exchange for a PS3 and a copy of this game.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

1,150 Things Mr. Welch Can No Longer Do During An RPG

I don't know who originally wrote all of this (probably a collaborative effort), but I found it here:

I don't think I have space enough to post the whole document, but here are a few select favorites of mine:

1. Cannot base characters off the Who's drummer Keith Moon.
24. Even if the rules allow it, I am not allowed to summon 50,000 Blue Whales.
28. The Goddess' of Marriage chosen weapon is not the whip.
73. Not allowed to name my cudgel Ceremonial Whoopass Stick.
178. There are no profanities in Celestial.
214. There is no prestige class Drizzt Slayer.
219. In formal introductions to royalty, I must not introduce my companions as just "The Other Guys".
224. I cannot insinuate elf chicks are all easy, even though you never hear about a half gnome do you?
243. Cannot cast haste on the king during a long winded speech to get him to hurry the hell up.
260. Gnomes do not have a racial bonus in bobsled.
272. No skill allows specializing in defenestration.
299. I do not get any XP for anyone I kill by stampeding sheep.
301. "Well Hung" is not a physical, social or mental trait.
330. The Halfling Paladin does not represent the Lollipop Guild.
374. I am not to combine the advantage Fearless and the disadvantage Curious in the same character again.
378. I can cannot give my character the moniker "Tim the Barbarian". Especially since he's the bard.
384. The titles "Viking" and "Obstretrician" are mutually exclusive.
409. I will not cast darkness at the magic missile.
412. I will not try to skip to the main boss dressed like a singing telegram.
419. Spankings generally will not change evil alignments.
461. Tasha's Uncontrollably Hideous Sister is not a real spell.
467. There is no 'accidentally' slipping a Smite Evil into a pillow fight.
481. I am forbidden from doing anything that ends with a snarf, rimshot or spit take.
484. If the word 'Mullet' appears anywhere on my samurai's character sheet, he's vetoed.
486. No how tough the encounter was, I will keep the congratulatory ass slapping to a minimum.
487. Halfing mating rituals do not include beer can crushing, power belching, or Lynyrd Skynyrd trivia.
502. If my name isn't Grimlock, can't start every sentence with "Me Grimlock"
510. After a bloody battle, I will not celebrate by lying down and making carnage angels.
544. I will not cast Gate to bind an infernal creature of power to my bidding and make him mow the lawn.
588. Paladins are immune to STDs, but if I take advantage of this ability, I lose it. Wonderful paradox, isn't it?
593. Tensor's Herniated Disc is not a real spell.

Okay, that's enough of that for now. Go read the rest if you want, but I'm out.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Most Stressful Job Ever

No, this isn't a Price Chopper flashback. I just had to share this. Watch: