Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just had to make sure it's Wednesday

I've been getting a lot less sure lately about what day of the week it is, and when I remember events from the past few days, I'm not totally certain what day they occurred. This could just be forgetfulness, or a side-effect of not having a serious schedule over the holidays. Still, I can't shake the feeling that I might be experiencing some kind of weird temporal displacement that is slowly unsticking me from fabric of space-time. I'm afraid I'll go for a walk one day, then get back 20 minutes later to find out I'd been gone for 30 years. Or that I accidentally wandered into the 1970's. I can't say which scenario would be scarier.

Anyway, other developments: this writers' group thing I was in during the summer is getting back together a few times before Spring classes start. This past Monday night, I got to hang out with some cool people for the first time in a while, and it was fun. Also, I got treated to a lot of free food, which I'm not at all used to. At least, not from people outside my immediate family.

So I have some writing to do for the next meeting. I should really get working on that. Peace and love, readers.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just confirmed something, and learned other things

Apparently, even the least offensive man I can think of off-hand can offend someone from time to time without even trying. Yet I can write intentionally controversial things and hardly get any backlash. It's a matter of readership volume, I guess. People being insulted is clearly the mark of success, because it proves that somebody was paying attention to you in the first place.

Also, my friend John nicely proved two things. First, that everybody responds to their critics sometimes. Second, that it's possible to do so without reducing the quality of your prose. Playful irony and sarcasm go a long way. Bravo, sir.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Just thought of something else

This semester is over. It ended officially for me on Tuesday. I feel pretty good about how my classes ended, aside from one thing: for some reason, my teammates whom I'd been working with on group project apparently didn't turn in their work on time this week. I'm hoping it's just a little miscommunication or something, but I'm kind of worried; this project is a huge part of our grade for the course. Hopefully we'll sort it out soon.

I'm also just thinking now that, after my last post, I'd really like to try to lighten the mood. I've been entirely too bitter, cynical, jaded, and generally a miserable person to talk to. I guess it's fortunate I don't really have a social life, and relatively few people will ever has the lousy fortune to read this mess. With the holiday season upon us, I'm hoping to avoid too much rest and relaxation if I can help it. I'd really feel much better about myself, and life in general, if I could really accomplish some things. I'm thinking about finding work, but I somehow doubt that would make me feel fulfilled at all. Plus, I'm bound to get my fill of work in the spring when I become a college graduate.

Anyway, I won't say what I'm actually doing or even hoping to do this season, because making plans usually backfires for me. Instead I'll just ask that you wish me luck, and more importantly energy to meet life's little challenges. Sound good? Great, thank you. Peace and love, and I hope you have a happy and/or merry whatever-you-celebrate this month.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just a little Grinchier this season

Frankly, I think this needs to be said. I don't care if it offends anyone.

There is no War on Christmas. Everyone is hyper-sensitive about everything nowadays. The whole reason things like "Happy Holidays" and not openly celebrating Christmas in schools came about was because non-Christians were offended and felt deliberately left out. So, we tried to appease everybody with our non-denominational season's greetings, and then the Christians decided to take offense because we weren't giving them preferential treatment anymore.

When the day comes when a company forbids its employees from saying Merry Christmas, or a gated community forbids its residents from having Christmas displays on their property, or a mayor of a town outlaws the celebration of Christmas in any form, then there will be legitimate reason to be upset. But some guy sending out invitations to a Tree Lighting Ceremony without the word Christmas on it? Come on.

Anyone who takes offense to those little acts of non-denominational politeness needs their small heart to grow three sizes this day.

Then explode and kill them instantly.

That's all. No peace or love this time. I'm too tired and bitter to hope for that.