Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just found it funny

I was browsing a few videos just now, and came upon this video of John Cleese giving a lecture.

It's pretty fascinating so far, but I thought I'd better enjoy it if I finished my browsing and general dickery first, then finished watching afterward. As luck would have it, I clicked Pause just after he mentioned how awful it is to be interrupted.

Sorry, John. Well, on to some updates:

On the bright side, I sense a little bit of creative energy bubbling up inside me. My computer has crashed on me a few times now, so I've been falling behind a little in my work, but I'm still hopeful that I'll find more time for creative projects. At the very least, I should be writing a bit here a couple times a week to try and keep my right brain fertile. Even if I don't have anything spectacular to share, the act of typing it out as a coherent thought may be beneficial.

Prior to the first computer crash, I did briefly have my Wacom tablet installed, and I was pretty impressed with how it worked, cheap model that it is. It's awkward getting used to moving the cursor normally with it, but drawing feels pretty intuitive, so I'm excited to reinstall the drivers and properly run it through its paces. I guess schoolwork takes priority, though.

Alright, that's enough for the moment. Peace and love, you crazy kids.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just a few things

To anybody who happens to find their way here from LinkedIn:

I am so very sorry.

Oh, if anyone's curious what I've been up to with classes lately, my game journal sums up a lot of it. I don't recommend reading it too long though, as there's nothing too deeply insightful. It's for a grade, after all.

There isn't much else to report on right now, though it occurs to me that half the reason my blog and twitter are so silent is because my every inane thought is usually wasted elsewhere on the Internet (I won't say where; they don't need the traffic and I don't need the shame). So here are some of my recent thoughts and anecdotes:

"I only started using Chrome because my Firefox install somehow got horribly corrupted and I didn't want to bother fixing it. I really don't understand the dislike, though. The only thing I've run into lately that it can't do is play animated PNG images, and those are stupid anyway."
"I'm not sure why, but it just makes me so happy to know that the word defenestrate exists. I hope to use it in a proper context someday. I kind of want this date to be a holiday too."
"Just when I start to think modern rock may actually be as good as classic, George Thorogood or Stevie Ray Vaughan comes on."
"Last night I finally got around to installing the device drivers and software to try out my new drawing tablet. It seemed pretty cool. Then a few hours later my computer crashed. Recurring blue-screen and all. Thank god I had the good sense to back up some of my files beforehand. I almost lost an important project I've been doing for a class.

I wonder if it's a sign, though. I finally get up the motivation to even think about drawing again, and the universe throws a wrench in the works. Maybe somebody's trying to tell me something.

Or maybe it's somehow Chrome's fault."
"I have mild asthma. If I could, I would punch my own lungs in the face."
"I really want my own Curiosity Core now. Do they make plushies of those anywhere? They really should."

That's it for now. Peace and love, all.