Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rock n' Roll All Night, Party 3 Days A Week

Been a pretty slow summer. I've got a couple little news blurbs. First, I bought a keyboard. I started learning keyboard when I was a kid and have been dying to get back into it. Now I've finally got something to practice on. Sure, it's slightly used, the keys stick, and there's one key missing, but c'mon. What do you expect for $35? I ain't made of money, you know.

And in other news, I got Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's. I feel like kind of a loser now, considering I recognized more songs off the set list from this game than from any other GH game. Anyway, it's pretty fun, albeit short. The set list is only 30 songs, but they're good, and you get to play them using characters in ridiculous retro outfits. Retro Grim Ripper is by far my favorite character. If you haven't seen him, I won't spoil it for you.

Also, I will be going back to Marist this fall. Some people may remember a little scare earlier that I might get kicked out, but after a healthy dose of groveling and pleading with the Committee, I'm coming back, albeit on probation. Also, Jordan, I know you've got that apartment, but due to monetary and academic constraints, I think I'll have to just take my on-campus room. Really, I won't even be losing much money. It's only like $1300 for the semester. That's not much more than the apartment, and I wouldn't have to drive as far.

Finally, my website is finally shaping up. I'm moving it to a new server yet again, and the layout is being completely redone. It should be finished sometime this week. Go look at it when it's finished.

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