Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Update - PC Fiasco

I have limited Internet access from the library right now, but that's it. IBM sent my laptop back unrepaired because I requested they not wipe the hard drive. Since then, I tried to fix it again myself, but things have only gotten worse. The system has now reached a point where it seems to be eating itself from the inside out. I'm afraid to turn it on, since it'll probably shred what's left of my personal files.

However, I have one last possible solution. I broke my bank account to get an expensive new flash drive with enough space for most of my important files. I'm going to attempt a rescue-and-recovery mission to get my beloved files off the hard drive before the thing collapses like a burning orphanage. Once that's done, I'll send it back to IBM. With the files off, I don't care if they wipe the hard drive and reload the factory defaults. Of course, that means that even if my plan does work, it'll be at least another week before I can use the computer again.

So, yeah. Shit happens.

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