Monday, March 10, 2008

Video Editing 101

Remember a while back when I said I was going to make a God Hand music video? Well, I'm still working on it, but I'm much closer. I took some test footage today and decided to make a short video out of it. Aside from the crap video quality, I think it came out pretty well.

I'm hoping I can get the right equipment for when I do the real video. That, too, will have a Bullets and Octane soundtrack, because Bullets and Octane rock on epic levels.

But yeah, actually getting the raw footage will be the most time-consuming part of the whole thing. Aside from the video quality issues, the idea I had for the GMV involves cutscenes that I would only have access to by playing through the whole game. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I've played through it a good 4 times already. What's one more?

1 comment:

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