Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Re: Craig Ferguson's Rattlesnake Cup

Am I using that right? Does Re: stand for Reply? Because I usually use it for things here that I'm not so much replying to as I am commenting on. You know, as if it stood for Regarding. Anyway, if you see posts like this on my blog, the Re: at the start of the title means Regarding.

Now, I forget who, but someone who was a guest on the Late Late Show made the mistake of giving Craig a gift from the Rattlesnake Museum. It's a coffee mug that looks like a coiled snake. Somehow, it's become a fixture on the show now. He replaced his regular Late Later Show mug with this one, and it's all any of the guests can talk about. They ask where he got it, he tells the whole story again, and we blow another 5 minutes talking about a cup.

Look, I'm not complaining, but what's the point of having a different guest each night if they're all going to talk about the damn snake cup? Does no one watch the show before they go on? Everyone's surprised by this thing? He's had it for at least a week now and people are still devoting 2 minutes out of their 10 minute interview to asking about the cool snake cup. I kind of expect Craig to get sick of telling the story about the Rattlesnake Museum thing over and over again. Then again, he tells the same jokes night after night, so maybe I'm underestimating him.

Also, sorry for my relatively low post count lately. Finals are coming up, I have projects whose due dates are approaching, and I'm just generally busy. I'm still making posts here and on Hubpages, though. I'll add the Hubpages link to the sidebar. Go check out my stuff there if you're still bored.