Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Re: Replies

Haven't gotten many. Maybe it relates to the lack of posts. Anyway, a few things to talk about. First, my birthday's coming up. Don't bother getting me anything. I'm not wild about the idea of commemorating something as inconsequential as my birth.

I'm going back to SUNYIT on Saturday. At that point, the IT Paranormal Investigators will be restarting, and hopefully I'll get a jump on a good visit this time. If not, we still have the option of having a seance and/or hitting each other with nerf weapons. The two are not related.

If you hadn't heard, I am working on my webcomic. I'm just really lazy and unmotivated, so it's not coming along quickly. Not to jinx myself, but I think I'll be ready to launch the site by Christmas. That includes having a backlog of pages, though.

Other than that, I still seem to be perfecting the art of being antisocial on social networking sites. Between Facebook, IMVU and TinierMe, I'm not sure how many friends I have that I never talk to. I wonder what will happen when I have to interact with people face-to-face again. I mean, the Meals on Wheels job gave me some experience with idle conversation, but I still have no idea what to say to girls that I'm attracted to. Could I be any more of a perpetual dork? I swear, it's amazing how many insecurities and pubescent hang-ups I still have with me. And it's weird, because for all my crippling flaws, I still not-so-secretly think I'm the coolest human being that ever lived. You don't get that much contradiction from a Scotch-Korean. Go figure.

I'm also starting to use twitter again, but my sole reason for doing so is trying to get on the Tosh.0 blog and/or the tv show. It's not even like I myself would be featured; we're talking about something I said on the Internet reappearing elsewhere on the Internet. It shouldn't be a big deal. And yet, I love Tosh.0, I think Daniel Tosh and his writers are geniuses, and I daydream about having my own web redemption, which is weird since I've never really had an epic Internet failure. All my videos are crap, and they never get watched. Nobody reads this tripe I'm spewing on my blog. Why else do you think I stopped posting here? Did you think I'd gotten a life? Like hell.

Anyway, I'm just rambling now, so I guess I'll sign off. Just one last thing: I might be doing some stand-up at an open mic night this Friday. It's at the Rolling Stone pub in Burnt Hills, so on the off chance anyone I know from the area is reading this, come see me sometime around 8ish on Friday night. Maybe we can catch up and I can pretend to remember who you are. It might be fun.

Alright, that's enough of that. Peace and love, you crazy kids.

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