Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just more of the same

I've had my shiny new Wacom tablet for a week now. It hasn't even left the box yet. I swear I think about my comic project at least a few times a week on average, yet I can't find the damn motivation to take some time and work on it. Even now with a tool that'd make the process quicker and easier, I don't find the time. I wonder if I've just grown comfortable with my mediocre unfulfilling life.

I never write anymore either, which leads me to think the same. At least with drawing I have the excuse that I suck. I'm actually a decent writer though, and I usually enjoy writing, so there's no reason for me to NOT do it. And hell, with the shit that gets successfully published and produced these days, I'd have at least a snowball's chance at a career with it, yet I don't do anything.

What am I missing? What have I lost?


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Don't be pushing yourself too hard man. Until the publishers advance you money and start hounding you every week you can work at your own pace and set a deadline for half past whenever you feel like it

  2. Well, thanks. I'm hoping I'll find some time for creative stuff soon. I just need to de-stress in the meantime.

  3. Hi Dan, I know the feeling. BTW I am coming through Hubpages to you... thinking about leaving too. Didn't really do much for me yet :(