Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just a little Grinchier this season

Frankly, I think this needs to be said. I don't care if it offends anyone.

There is no War on Christmas. Everyone is hyper-sensitive about everything nowadays. The whole reason things like "Happy Holidays" and not openly celebrating Christmas in schools came about was because non-Christians were offended and felt deliberately left out. So, we tried to appease everybody with our non-denominational season's greetings, and then the Christians decided to take offense because we weren't giving them preferential treatment anymore.

When the day comes when a company forbids its employees from saying Merry Christmas, or a gated community forbids its residents from having Christmas displays on their property, or a mayor of a town outlaws the celebration of Christmas in any form, then there will be legitimate reason to be upset. But some guy sending out invitations to a Tree Lighting Ceremony without the word Christmas on it? Come on.

Anyone who takes offense to those little acts of non-denominational politeness needs their small heart to grow three sizes this day.

Then explode and kill them instantly.

That's all. No peace or love this time. I'm too tired and bitter to hope for that.

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