Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just figured self-congratulations were in order

It's been almost a year since I got out of school, but I've finally been offered a full-time job. Great pay, great benefits, nice people... I hope I can actually do the job they've hired me for. I'm pretty nervous, but prepared to dig in and do whatever's necessary.

Now might be a decent time to speculate about everything that has led me to this point, and the issues that have made finding good work so difficult (the economy, state education, the Catch-22 mentalities of major technology companies), but instead I'd rather just relax and count my blessings for now, and maybe get some studying done, because I have a good deal of new technology to learn in the near future. I certainly hope I'm as smart as the folks at the State Education Department seem to think I am.

Also, I've been meaning to practice drawing more, since it's apparently a hobby I care about a lot. I should really do that. I'll go do that just as soon as I'm finished with this.

Peace and love, readerkin. I'm sure I'll have more for you soon enough.

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