Saturday, March 15, 2014

Not sure what possessed me to write a poem

I mostly write fiction, occasional memoir, and whatever this is. Poetry was never something I felt like I had a talent for, even though I tried writing a few poems or songs ages ago. After having been involved with the writer's workshop for a while though, I have developed more respect for the art of poetry, and I wanted to take another shot at it someday. Someday came one night this past week, when for whatever reason, I sat down and made an attempt at poetry writing.

Now, this is a rough first draft. It's really not a finished work and I'm not terribly happy with it. I'm planning on bringing it to the workshop this summer, so maybe we'll get the rough edges smoothed over, and maybe even come up with a title. For now, though, this is what I have:

All the world demands your feedback.
Answer quickly; they can't wait.
Do not stop to think or ponder.
Only fools would hesitate.

Make your choice and do not waver.
Never yield to different thought.
Indecision smacks of weakness.
Doubtful battles can't be fought.

Force the answer on the masses.
Make them see your moral sense.
Beat them down and spill their blood out;
Meager price for providence.

Let your mantra spread all over.
Truth comes always from within.
Might makes right, now and forever.
Understanding is a sin.

Keep on fighting, never falter.
Muzzle protest, stay the course.
All you ever need to fear are
Errant pangs of fear, remorse.

Hang your brothers and your sisters.
Shed no tears, for they must die.
They might know the fear you hold still:
All you fought for was a lie.

Fables, they can soothe and sinew.
Leech upon a willing host.
Pain might be the truest virtue
If it's truth that hurts the most.

Well, that's it. Enjoy that attempt at depth and high-mindedness while it lasts. I'm probably going to have more Dark Souls nonsense for you shortly. Peace and love, gentle readers.

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