Friday, October 06, 2006

Things 4: Things in Spandex

I've been busy as hell with schoolwork lately, so I haven't been able to update this thing much. Really, I haven't got that much to talk about right now, but there's a few things. Oddly enough, all wrestling related.

Thing 12:

Tommy Dreamer beat the crap out of Test with a prosthetic leg

I've got to go to one of these live events sometime, because they sound fun as hell. During the match, some guy in the audience pulled off his prosthetic leg and tossed it to Dreamer in the ring, who then used it as a weapon. The full story can be read here.

And in other wrestling news:

Thing 13:

Yo, yo, yo, yo. Pop a 40 and check your rollies. It's Cryme Tyme!

Seriously, whether you enjoy wrestling or not, you need to watch those videos. They're comedy gold.

Thing 14:

Thanks are owed to my arch-nemesis for bringing this to my attention. I complained earlier about The Boogeyman being fired from WWE. Well, it seems he may be coming back after all. The source this came from is in no way reliable, but they're not always wrong either. The original article can be read here. Warning: That site is loaded with popups.

In case you don't feel like being bombarded by popups, here's the relevant text from the article:

Marty Wright (The Boogeyman) is being brought back to the WWE after being fired on Wednesday, September 20. The announcement should be made in the next week by WWE. We'll have more details on this as the story develops.

Regarding Wright's release, he was shocked and dismayed that WWE decided to let him go. He didn't understand as to what he did wrong to cause him to be fired. Unfortunately, Wright had earned a reputation as being unreliable, not dedicated to getting better, making excuses for missing rehab assignments, and generally being oblivious to how unprofessional he came across. There was ongoing concern that he wasn't advancing as a talent behind the catch phrase and ring entrance, both of which he had obviously mastered.

Alright, that's all the things for now. Peace out.

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