Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm in pain right now, and I'm pissed off

I went to the emergency room today for what I thought was a kidney stone. For those of you keeping track, something just like this happened to me the beginning of freshman year. I woke up early one morning with a terrible pain in my lower back, off the side near the kidney area. I thought at first that I just slept on it wrong, but it kept getting worse. Eventually it got so nauseatingly bad that I started vomiting. I had to go to the emergency room for treatment, and I stayed there most of the day. They gave me some kind of IV thing, and it took the pain away pretty quickly. I was out of it for a while, but I was okay and the pain never came back.

That was last time. This time, I went in with the same symptoms, and they gave me like 1 CC of painkiller. Last time I got a whole fucking IV bag. This time, half a syringe. Yeah, the pain went away for a little while. During that time, they had an MRI done, and apparently there were no kidney stones in my system. So, what the fuck does that mean? I'm in excruciating pain for no reason now? Supposedly, they think I either already passed it or it hadn't fully formed yet. I'm personally guessing the second one.

They released me and gave me a prescription for Vicodin. Good thing, I suppose, since this time, the pain came back bad as ever. The thing that pisses me off is that they can't simply give me the Vicodin. If I want the Vicodin, I have to walk across the street to Eckerd to fill the prescription. Let me tell you something: If I was well enough to walk all the way to Eckerd and back, I wouldn't need the fucking Vicodin. Outside of that, the only thing I have to deal with the pain is some ibuprofen, which I found out too late was past its expiration date. Great, just what I needed: expired painkillers to help make the nausea and vomiting worse.

So, now I'm sitting in my room in serious pain, with no chance of getting any relief, and I just puked my guts out again a few minutes ago. Maybe this is just the pain talking, but I fucking hate all of you right now.

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