Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fear of the Light

I seem to be morphing into some kind of gruesome nocturnal creature. My first meal of the day is usually dinner, sometime in the evening, and my last before going to bed is breakfast, around 7:30 or 8 in the morning. It's weird, and is having various effects on me, some good and some bad.

For one, it's bad for my educational career. I'm still not sure what major to change to; maybe I'll just go with undeclared for a while and get a general Liberal Arts degree. At any rate, I need to get my shit together for the last few weeks of this semester, because I can't afford to fail anything else.

It also means I can't get as much food in my system, as the dining hall is closed during most of the hours I'm awake now. I often wake up shortly after they close in the afternoon and/or before they reopen in the evening, and I go to sleep a little while after they first open in the morning. Since I'm already a string bean of a man, eating even less food can't be good for me. It makes me wonder just how little nourishment someone with my metabolism can live on. Perhaps I'll slowly evolve into a new species that can sustain itself entirely on Doritos from the vending machine.

However, the schedule has done wonders for my (hopefully) future writing career. Stuff always comes to me in the middle of the night for some reason. My little file of half-finished stories for my possibly soon to be released online series is now more than 90 pages. I kind of wish my first novel hadn't grinded to a halt, though. It's still set around page 130-something, and I haven't touched it in almost a month. Maybe I'll get more done on both over the summer. In all likelihood, I won't be getting that internship, so I'll probably be trying and failing to get a job during the day, writing at night, then sleeping through the morning. I only hope I'll find time to eat and bathe in there somewhere.

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  1. Bathing you can do without. Eating unfortunately, is one of those necessary evils you find you must attend to when you do the college thing. Inevitably one does that calculation to figure up how much money you could be saving if you didn't have to spend it on food.

    Enjoy the d4rkness. It has the potential to be a lot more fun than day time! The possibilities are endless.