Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Imponderable Equation

Maybe I'm just crazy, seeing patterns where there are none but random coincidence, but I feel like there's something strange hidden in the music of George Michael that has some kind of connection to modern hard rock.

Okay, so here's how it starts: Seether recently did a remake of Careless Whisper, originally by George Michael (and/or WHAM). Okay, so that's one song. If it stopped there, I wouldn't give it a second though.

But there's more. While looking up the lyrics to the song, I found the original George Michael song listed under an album by George Michael called Ladies and Gentlemen. Wait... Ladies and Gentlemen? That's the title of a hit single Saliva released a year or so ago.

What's going on here? Do the connections run even deeper than this? Am I just completely out of my mind?!
(Likely answers to the above questions, in order: Probably; No; Yes)

Whatever. If you see any other obvious connections, let me know. I'm done trying to research this craziness.

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