Thursday, July 09, 2009

Re:Re: Chrome

Update on my experience with the new browser. Aside from the lack of customization and zero support for third-party extensions, it's been pretty good to me so far. There seem to be some little bugs cropping up, though. Among them:

  • The 'find in page' box will randomly disappear when you switch tabs

  • Radio buttons for polls sometimes won't load properly. This just started today, and I really don't get it. The radio buttons are still there and can be clicked on, but they're invisible. Wtf?

  • Similarly, the arrow on drop-down boxes sometimes doesn't appear. Weird.

  • Some pages designed by marketing idiots still don't recognize Chrome. They'll give you a "This page isn't compatible with Netscape" message or something. Granted, that's mostly the page designers' fault, but still...

More on this story and others as they develop.

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