Sunday, May 30, 2010

Re: FML and GMH

I know from personal experience that bitching about my life on the Internet can be therapeutic. It's a cathartic release to get all that garbage out. However, I feel like sites like FML take it too far. Yeah, it's good to get that stuff out, but there comes a certain point where that stuff just isn't fun to read anymore, especially for depressive types like me. I mean, I'm pretty miserable in my own life. I can sometimes derive some sick pleasure from the misery of others, but I can only read so much of other people's suffering before the sympathy kicks in and I can't enjoy it anymore.

So, I recently discovered GMH. It's like FML, but instead of bad experiences, it's a collection of things that 'give me hope'. It's a sweet idea, and corny as it sounds, reading just a few off the front page each day can be really uplifting. For a guy like me who had lost almost all faith in humanity, these kinds of things really warm my heart.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share that. If you're a cynical prick who enjoys hearing about others' pain, give FML a try. If you still have a shred of humanity in you, I'd suggest reading some GMH. If both of those sound like you, well, you're not alone. Bookmark them both just in case.

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  1. i had heard of FML before and did get a good kick out of it. thanks for sharing gmh, so much more meaningful. . .

    you are not alone Dan, keep up your blog.