Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just going to repost this

It's more relevant here anyway.

Hmm, so, the blog post with the most individual page views is one about opening up and sharing my personal feelings. The second most viewed is titled "I just accidentally electrocuted myself." I think I learned something about my readership tonight.

Also, a bit of brevity would probably go a long way here. I could update more frequently if I didn't write an entire diatribe each time. Hell, I could update even more frequently if I just remembered to do so. It's not as though I ever run out of thoughts.

More to come soon, I guess. Peace and love, reader-folk.


  1. Peace and love to you Dan. I'm glad I stopped by. I enjoy the diatribes. Might not always agree. Nice word that, diatribe!

  2. Yeah, I like it. A diatribe is shorter than a rant or tirade but longer than a mere complaint or anecdote. Plus, it gives the illusion of me being classy and cultured, not just a bitter foul-mouthed kid.