Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Just added some new random greetings

Just in case anyone actually enjoys or even notices the random subheadings on this blog, I added a few more quotes, and deleted some of the old ones that I decided weren't all that entertaining.

If you happen to be one of those No-Script types, I'd appreciate it if you enabled JavaScript for this site. Yeah, the page will take an extra fraction of a second to load, but come on, I put actual work into this. And really, what's the worst that could happen to you here? It's not like you're surfing RedTube.

Anyway, if you're curious, here are the new additions:

  • "I have never been in any rich man's house which would not have looked the better for having a bonfire made outside of it of nine-tenths of all that it held." - William Morris (1834-96)
  • "Never retreat. Never explain. Get it done and let them howl." - Benjamin Jowett
  • "The higher the monkey climbs, the more you can see of its arse." - old proverb
  • "an unfortunate lunatic... a farrago of nonsense, unintelligibleness, and egregious vanity, the wild effusions of a distempered brain." - Examiner

That last one was written in a review of the work of William Blake, but it seemed oddly fitting here.

Anyway, I hope somebody enjoys them. Peace and love, readership.

One more for you:

"God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh." - Voltaire

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