Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Non-Update Update

Not much to say here, but I feel a little bad that I don't have something new and exciting to surprise you with yet, so I'm going to spoil the surprise and just say what's up.

I actually have been working on the podcast I first mentioned months ago, but I'm kind of bad at making time for things like this. If this were the kind of podcast that is recorded in one sitting and quickly thrown up on the web, I'd have it for you already, but I intended to put some kind of production value into the pilot episode, and would want the same to be true of later episodes if there are any. If this becomes more of a regular thing, I might produce a few mini-episodes in between just to keep to some kind of update schedule. These would likely be on topics I'd normally put in blog posts.

This would probably mean even fewer blog posts written here, but I want more practice with a different medium, and as much as I enjoy spending a few hours trying to write an interesting post here, I have to admit that rambling like a fool into a microphone can be more fun, and will usually take less time.

Plus, let's be honest, not many people read this stuff. With the cast, I'd potentially be introducing a new audience to my nonsense. Even if that just means more people getting to hear how stupid my voice sounds, I want to give it a shot.

So, look forward to that soon. Whenever I finish editing the audio and recording the couple of unscripted segments I have left, I'll let you know. I referred to the forthcoming Episode One as a pilot because I intend to release it on its own on Soundcloud, then share that around on social media a bit. Depending on the temperature of the response I get, and depending how I feel after having a finished product to look at, I'll consider pulling the trigger on dedicated syndication and producing (somewhat) regular episodes.

Oh, and holy crap, where did the summer go all of a sudden?

Okay, that's all. Peace and love, you crazy kids.

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