Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hiatus and College Stuff

I wish someone would tell me what that word actually means. Anyway, I've been busy trying to find myself and some spiritual crap like that. Anyway, I'm back at Marist now after an irritating move-in day. The radio show will probably be on again soon, and I'm going to see about recording shows to post here. I also have a good deal of stuff to talk about here that I just haven't found the time for yet. I'll post it sometime after I've had time to adjust my biological clock.

Just one thing to mention for now: I have an 8:00 am class, 4 days a week. My entire biology is going to have to shift dramatically before I can become capable of doing that. I don't know how I'm going to do that. I think it would be easier to self-exorcise a demon out of my own body than reset my biological clock to allow me to fully wake up and function properly at 8:00 am. As if that wasn't enough of a task, it's a Physics class. My brain hurts already.

I think the reason the class is 8:00 am is because it's taught by Rob Robinson, who has both a redundant name and a biology that is active early in the morning. I had him for an 8:00 am class last year as well. He apparently doesn't do afternoon or night classes. I guess he must be a werewolf or something. Or maybe he's just highly caffeinated. Who knows?

Oh, one last thing before I go: I wrote a pretty funny pilot for a sitcom, but I never made it or submitted it to Comedy Central. Maybe some other time if they have another contest or something. Really, I don't care that much. I'm not a writer really. The only real writing I'm going to do will end up in a video game I make. I already have a great one in the works. I can hereby guarantee that I will be filthy rich in 10 years.

And that's the end.

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