Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Festivus For The Rest Of Us

I hope you guys are celebrating Festivus this year. I know I will be. Know why? Because I'm really getting sick of Christmas. At least Festivus is untarnished by commercialism, decorations and bad singing. Everybody get on the bandwagon and celebrate in style Dec. 23rd.

Now, if you happen to be unfamilar with Festivus, you need to do three things. First, realize that your entire life up until this point has been a lie. Second, read the wikipedia article that I linked to above. Third, get your ass in gear and get ready to celebrate one of my favorite holidays. If you don't join in the festivites, you can expect to feel my malice when I'm airing grievances this year. Other than that, just relax and have fun. That's kind of the point of a holiday, isn't it?

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