Friday, December 01, 2006

Facebook Group: Let Eddie Guerrero Die

I made this group after watching Survivor Series this year. Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the whole thing. However, the low-light of the night had to be the United States Championship match: Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero, with his "business manager" Vicki Guerrero in his corner. The storyline leading up to this match is possibly the most putrid, stinking pile of feces that the WWE writing staff has ever produced. Furthermore, it is an insult to Eddie Guerrero's memory.

For those who weren't there for it, I'll give you a brief history lesson. A little over a year ago, Eddie Guerrero passed away suddenly at the age of 38. Everyone was hurt by the loss, and the WWE had a week-long tribute, interrupting their normal broadcasts to pay their respects. On top of that, at Wrestlemania, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Now, I'm fine with all that. He was a great guy who deserves to be remembered. However, it should have stopped at Wrestlmania.

In the months leading up to his induction, not a single WWE show aired without someone mentioning the name Eddie Guerrero. Whether it was the commentators, the crowd or the wrestlers, he was always being brought up. I thought this would fade over time as we were entering 2006, but it only got worse. Rey Mysterio, a good friend of Eddie, entered the Royal Rumble saying that he was dedicating his match to his late friend. Now, at the time, I had no problem with that. Hell, I was even rooting for him when he won the Rumble. (Well, really, I was rooting for Randy Orton, but Rey was a close second in my mind) However, in winning the Rumble, he got the chance to try for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlmania. Orton almost got left out of the match entirely until a little plot twist resulted in the match being a triple threat match. In other words, Rey, Orton, and the champion at the time Kurt Angle would all be facing each other for the title. Honestly, I thought there was no chance of Rey winning. But, I guess I forgot how much people love a good underdog story. After Rey also dedicated his Wrestlmania match to Eddie, it was basically guaranteed to be a victory for him. And so it was. Rey Mysterio officially became the World Heavyweight Champion. An ironic title for him to hold, considering he weighs about 170 pounds.

I was rather irritated by then. For months after that, Rey defended his championship and won. That in itself wasn't so bad. What was bad was that he always did so getting chants of "Eddie" from the crowd. They weren't cheering for Rey, they were cheering for Eddie. Am I the only one who realized that Eddie was not in the match? What's more, Rey only encouraged them by finishing his matches with Eddie's old signature move, the Frog Splash, and pointing to the heavens.

When it gets to the point that you find yourself rooting for a washed-up John "Bradshaw" Layfield over Rey Mysterio, you know something's wrong. Well, that's the point it got to. I was just dying for someone to take that title from Rey so the Eddie nonsense would stop. It didn't matter, though. Even after the title changed hands, the nonsense continued. Rey Mysterio soon began a rivalry with Chavo Guerrero, Eddie's nephew. Honestly, I don't know what the feud was about, because by that time I had pretty much stopped watching Smackdown altogether.

At some point in the mess, Eddie's wife Vicki Guerrero became involved. She actually joined Chavo as his "business manager", taking on a heel character persona. Now, I ask you, how desperate did she have to be for money that she would agree to such a retarded idea?

The madness didn't stop, even after Rey Mysterio was injured and couldn't continue. As soon as he was injured, another close friend of Eddie, Chris Benoit, stepped in to take his place, and the bitter conflict picked up right where it left off. This led to the Survivor Series match, in which Benoit would defend his US championship.

During Survivor Series, before the match started, they played a brief video package, as they often do, detailing the events that led up to this heated rivalry. I watched that video package from start to finish, then watched the whole match, in which Chavo was constantly shouting something like "You're not a Guerrero!", Vicki was yelling similar things from outside the ring, and Benoit was doing his best to win while the crowd broke into another "Eddie" chant. By the end, my mind had pretty much shut down. I was completely flabbergasted. The only coherent though I could process was, "This is so fucking stupid."

So, that's why I made the group. I want the madness to end, and making a Facebook group seemed like the best way to get the word out to people. If enough people join, I'm hoping we can send a letter to WWE's writing staff telling them that a huge volume of their fans are pissed off and want them to stop. If that doesn't happen, well, at least we can start a discussion to complain about how stupid the writing staff are.

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