Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Resolutions '09

I'm usually not very into these, but I want to be a better person, and this is a nice launch-pad for aspirations. So, here are some things I want to do, preferably before the first half of the year is out.

  1. Finish My First Novel: I think this is a realistic goal. I've worked on this thing on and off for years now, but if I ever really buckled down and got to work, I'm positive I could finish it inside of two weeks. Which is handy, considering there is an online manuscript contest starting in about two weeks.

  2. Kick Schunk's Ass in SvR-2009: I haven't gotten out to Poughkeepsie in a long time, but Schunk tells me he got Smackdown vs. Raw for the 360. No doubt he's been playing quite a bit by himself and with his friends at Marist, and this has probably given him the mistaken impression that he is the man. Well, don't forget, Schunky-boy, to be the man, you gotta beat the man. Woo!

  3. Get Better At Guitar: No, not Guitar Hero. I'm over that; I've moved on to the real thing. Unfortunately, I really suck, and can never seem to find time to practice. I'm hoping to get my own guitar that actually fits me well someday, but for now all I have is my mom's gigantic acoustic guitar. It's better than nothing, but it makes practicing tough. I mean, I'm already at a disadvantage with my girly little fingers. The oversized guitar really doesn't help.

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