Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Other things and stuff

Is anyone out there still not watching Important Things with Demetri Martin? If so, you're a horrible person. Go watch the damn show already.

And speaking of random segues, some of you may know I recently made a quiz thingy on Facebook related to this Baroque game I've been playing. I made a few minor changes, so it should be running more smoothly now. I started promoting it (I do have an ad on the page, so it's in my best interest for this thing to circulate a bit), and I'd appreciate any help. If you like quizzes and/or hardcore dungeon crawlers where a living tank with a flaming cannon on its face will pwn you into last week, try the quiz, and invite your friends. The link should be there a couple posts down.


Oh, and spring break is coming up. I have nothing to do, although I'm still praying for those George Thorogood tickets to go on sale. If anyone can hook me up, I'll love you forever. Peace and love, readers.

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