Sunday, October 06, 2013

Dark Souls Update 3

I had the idea recently to further simplify these by creating a graphical summary of my pain and triumph. The image that follows is the first such summary.

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I decided to make it encompass the whole month of September, so some sessions I previously covered are represented there. Obviously there are huge gaps in time where I didn't get any play sessions in. Full-time employment will do that, but I'm working on getting at least quick sessions in before dinner some weeknights.

September 13th was obviously a mixed bag. I conquered the Bell Gargoyle(s) with the help of that knight whose name escapes me. I just call him Sunny. I also managed to kill my first black knight. Weapon upgrades make all the difference. I assumed I'd be able to handle the second black knight I'd found at that point, but he proved me wrong. And he isn't even the worst mini-boss to be found in the area.

See this charming gent with the dragon tooth club? That's Havel The Rock. Havel The Rock is not a patient man, and he doesn't have time for your bullshit. He hates newbie chumps with master keys who think they're badass for killing things three times their size. You want to explore the tower? Tough shit. Take your instant one-hit kill and come back when you've learned how to stop being pathetic.

I encountered Havel before, and I realized I was probably better off just staying the hell away and leaving him alone. I all but forgot about him by the time I started to explore the Darkroot Garden, and stumbled blindly into the Darkroot Basin. I was elated to find a new longbow, but my encounter with the Crystal Golems and the sight of something huge writhing in the distance convinced me I should not proceed any deeper. I saw a door up the hill, not knowing where it led, but an invitingly warm light glowed through the door frame, and I assumed it had to be better than whatever lay deeper in the basin. I unlocked the door, took one step inside, and guess who was there? Yup. Havel The Rock. I never even saw the club coming.

I was so angry I actually decided to go back and try to face him again a bit later. I failed again, but thought I had a handle on him for the next attempt. I followed his movements, ducking and dodging his swings, slipped behind him and delivered a vicious backstab. What should have been devastating barely moved his health bar. I may as well have been poking him with a letter opener. My thirst for vengeance quickly left me, replaced by a hunger for not getting my head crushed like a melon again.

Progress was slow the rest of the month, but I did go back and find a plethora of items I'd missed before. By the end of the month, after being sent running scared by skeletons in the cemetery, the blacksmith's words about the Darkroot Garden convinced me to proceed that way. The local plant-life wasn't too intimidating. The Great Stone Knights most certainly were.

Anyway, this game has done wonders to convince me time and again that I'm a total wimp. Even so, I refuse to give up, and hope that I might yet get some health and fitness benefit from all this. I'll probably update again at the end of October, unless something worth a rant comes up.

Peace and love, readership. Praise the sun.

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