Sunday, November 19, 2006

Eatin' Good

So, Saturday was kind of screwed up. I stayed up late again the night before because I'm a dumbass. I ended up sleeping in until about 6:00pm. That obviously fucked up my sleep schedule for today as well, and most likely will carry over into tomorrow. It'll be a damn miracle if I can wake up for class on Monday. But, I digress...

Saturday night, Schunk calls me and says he and Big Guy are going to Applebee's again. My options at that point were to go along with them or watch that The Amazing Jonathan special on Comedy Central. Now, I love the stand-up comedy and magical stylings of The Amazing Jonathan as much as the next guy, but I figured I needed to get out more, so I went.

So, we ate at Applebee's. After the appetizer platter and buffalo wings, Big Guy and Schunk had burgers. I had three-cheese chicken penne. Schunk commented that I am a fag. I suggested that he shut the fuck up. At one point during the meal, he said something pretty funny and told me I should write about it here. It's a crying shame I can't remember what it was.

Okay, before continuing, I have a brief flashback. Remember those friends of Big Guy's that gave us a ride to the party a couple posts back? I didn't point it out at the time, but they happen to be of the female persuasion. It wasn't especially relevant at the time, but is somewhat relevant now.

So, back to the present. Big Guy said at one point that the aforementioned friends might be joining us, but it never materialized. Apparently, there was some disagreement. He told them on his cell phone we were at Applebee's, but apparently they weren't coming.

Or so we thought...

(this space has been inserted to build dramatic tension)

I should point out that we were sitting at a window seat. While we were eating, we looked out the window and saw one of Big Guy's friends and her roommate outside. They were strangely excited for some reason. Also, they were wearing pajamas. They came over to the window and started waving, dancing and cavorting about. In pajamas. Not amused by the display before him, Schunk casually reached over and closed the blinds. Outside, they were still trying to get our attention, but they eventually left. In their pajamas.

A woman at another table asked Big Guy, "Are they crazy or what?" I said I don't know those people. Big Guy turned to her and said something like "Yeah, they're pretty fucked up. They're stalking us." I think the woman was satisfied. At a glance, those two certainly looked like crazy stalkers. Did I mention they were wearing pajamas? Okay, good. Just making sure.

(Okay, I'm sort of introducing someone else we know in this next part. I don't know if he has a running nickname, but I don't want to use his actual name without permission, so I'm going to use a wildly inappropriate moniker until I can come up with something better)

On the way back to campus, Big Guy talked to them on the phone again. He mentioned the woman who now thinks they're insane stalkers. His friend on the phone talked about coming by Benoit to see us. Big Guy said that if they come over wearing those pajamas, and the dirty mexican shows up, there will most likely be, and I quote, "a fucking rape party." We actually ran into the dirty mexican on the way back. He seemed to agree with Big Guy.

So, we got back to Benoit and watched a couple episodes of Stella. Schunk has a thing for Micheal Ian Black, but not in a gay way. Not to my knowledge, anyway. Big Guy's friends never showed up, so the "fucking rape party" never took place. I think the dirty mexican was disappointed. Frankly, so was I.

So, that was about it. I guess I'll be signing off now. My next post will probably be from the hospital after I get cut by the dirty mexican, who is probably pissed off at me. Honestly, it was all in good fun, I meant no offense. Please don't cut me, esse.

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