Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Post Titles Are Hard To Come By

My first day off from the job at P-Chop since last Tuesday. I'm gonna spend most of it on the couch. Just thought I'd churn out a post before I crash for the afternoon.

So, it turns out I'm still in the running for this job at IZEA. Fingers crossed, people. If this works out, I could have a whole new career on my hands. Well, a career.

At any rate, it's pretty sweet. I mean, what nerd doesn't dream of having a job where they're payed to sit on their ass typing? Plus, the whole work from home thing would save me a lot on gasoline. I'd talk about gas prices, but that's a topic I don't have the fiery passion to talk about right now. I had a decent night's sleep for the first time in weeks. The fire's just not there today.

Anyway, the only fly in the oinment is that I'm not sure yet if I'd still be allowed to use sponsored posts or not. I know a few people (lookin' at you, Jordan) weren't too pleased with them, but I think a few now and then can't hurt, and I'd hate to lose the chance. It probably says somewhere in the site's ULA whether employees can use the site. But, come on. Have you seen the length of that document? Who can actually read those things, right? It's like homework or something.

...Man, I hope Gordon from IZEA doesn't read this.


  1. Gordon5:23 PM

    I read it...:-) worries.

  2. :x. Damn, you work fast. Anyway, I was just kidding about not reading the ULA. I actually read almost half of it before I fell asleep. ;)