Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stayin' Alive

So, after six months of collecting dust, I finally started playing Primal, which I bought back in '07 for about $5. The game's actually kind of cool. I have some issues with the camera and combat systems, and the AI is a bit flawed at times, but otherwise it makes for a unique and enjoyable action/adventure experience. Plus, for five bucks, how can I complain?

In work news, I'm not sure yet, but I think I might have just gotten myself fired from P-Chop. Gory details will follow on Monday.

So, I restarted my job search today. I was quickly reminded of what a pain applying online for a position can be. CVS and Hollywood Video both use the same online system, including a 20-page psychological evaluation that somehow expects to determine your suitability for a job based on your friends, your personality, and your general outlook on life (in the form of standard agree/disagree questions). Actual questions include such oddities as "It is maddening when the courts let guilty criminals go free," "There is no point in having close friends. They'll just let you down in the end," and the ever-popular "You are angry more often than nervous."

The other one was Wal-mart. Normally I'd never consider such a thing, but they have a photo department, and the last job that didn't make my eyes melt was in that field, so I thought it could work out. I think I have a good chance with this one, since I'm actually reasonably qualified for it, and I passed the entrance exam. Yes, Wal-mart has an entrance exam to screen applicants. And I failed it last time I took it. Take a moment to let that sink in.

That's about it for now. Until next time, readers. Viva la Revolucion!

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