Sunday, May 04, 2008

That song by Poison is stuck in my head

Did I mention how much I hate my job? Well, I might as well put it out there again. I realize that many people don't like there job, but as for me, when I find myself going in to work at a place where
  • A) I'm surrounded by people I don't know, and often don't like

  • B) I'm forced to engage in mindless repetitive tasks for hours at a time

  • C) I'm forced to remain standing in one place until
    1. I get a break
    2. My spine gives out from the strain and I collapse, or
    3. I jump over the counter and kill someone for trying to use a coupon for a product they didn't even buy
    (whichever occurs first)

So, while many people may claim to "hate" their jobs, I do it with a commitment and flair that most bitter cynics could only hope to match. I am easily the best disgruntled employee the service industry has seen in years. Hell, I'd even have been promoted to cashier by now, if it weren't for the fact that I was changing meds that week.

(Effexor XR, for anyone who cares. It's pretty cool right now, but the transition was a bitch. I was an emotional car wreck all week. On the bright side, I can now honestly say I know what it's like to be a girl getting her period. Aside from the bleeding part.)

The only reason I still work there is because I can't get a job anywhere else. Apparently, there's a memo going around about me (Only good things, I hope), and Neil Golub is the only guy who didn't get it. Either that, or they just didn't care, which is entirely possible. Hell, they've hired every other circus freak and mental defect who's walked through their front door. Why stop now?

Anyway, I'm still working on trying to land another job, I'm writing whenever I can find the time, and I've got a knot in my neck that's really irritating me, so I won't be able to finish that thought I was in the middle of. Sorry. Maybe next time.

Oh yeah, and before I forget, August 29th at SPAC: Cruefest. If anyone wants to go with me, say so. We will have tickets to this thing. Trust me. Where have I steered you wrong?

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  1. Jordan10:55 AM

    I fucking hate Neil Golub.

    I dont know what it is you do, but try the ol' craiglist. I got a pretty good summer job retouching photos off that. A lot of the programmer thingies are 'work from home'