Monday, February 16, 2009

Ow. Pain.

Still playing Baroque and loving it. I realize I may need to revise my impromptu review from earlier. Remember how I said things get easier as you go? Yeah, that was a lie. I hadn't realized it, but the story isn't the only thing that is revealed as you die over and over. Somewhere after death #12, new sections of the tower opened up. Aside from getting to meet a new character and finding a new consciousness orb, I was introduced to two nasty new enemies.

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One is basically a wall with an evil face that wants to kill you. They love to block paths pretending to be a wall, then spin around and beat you senseless. This sucks because it makes the coward routine of running like hell to the exit point very difficult. I'm not usually one to chicken out from a fight, but if I've got half a dozen Liars and death knights on my tail, mobility tends to be my best ally.

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Plus, these wall things are tough to fight even one on one. They have a heap of hit points, high attack power, and there's really no sound strategy to attack them without getting hit. Plus, even when they're finally dead, they can still collapse onto you and crush you to death. Hard to avoid that one in a cramped hallway.

By the way, I'd like to take this opportunity for an important complaint: hallways are the worst place to be in a fight. Ever. In any game, or real life. If some guy challenges you to a fight in a hallway, run like hell. You're screwed.

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Then there are the hungones. They hang from the ceiling and take cheap swipes at you. Not so scary on their own, but supporting other enemies, they're dangerous. What's worse, they have the ability to poison, lust, or paralyze you. Since when is it legal to give an enemy three different status ailment powers? On the bright side, they do have a wide range, which means other enemies in the area end up feeble and at your mercy.

Hey, I said I liked a challenge now and then. I guess I'm getting it.

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