Monday, July 10, 2006

July 20th is Magellan Day

My sister and I decided to invent a holiday, so we created Magellan Day, because he deserves his own holiday. Why? First of all, his first name is Ferdinand, and that kicks ass. Second, he travelled around the entire world. He was a great explorer who deserves to be remembered by people who aren't history majors.

So, I invite everyone to celebrate Magellan Day on Thursday the 20th. Since I do not possess a form of transportation that could get me all the way around the earth, I will be celebrating by getting in my car and driving somewhere I have never been before, then pray to God I can find my way home. It will be a tremendous waste of gasoline, but for a guy like Magellan, I'd say it will be well worth it.

Mark it on your calendars, good people.

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