Saturday, July 22, 2006

Disregard previous post: July 24th is Magellan Day

I had a thing on Thursday, so now Magellan Day will be this Monday. As a little goal for myself, I'm going to see how many roads I can find that are named after past U.S. presidents. I'm going to bring my camera along in case I find something picture-worthy.

Also, I saw something interesting on the FVZA website. Did you know Magellan was attacked by zombies? That's a pretty hardcore way to die.

Okay, that's it for now. [insert witty farewell message here]


  1. Captain Awesome10:05 PM

    Happy Magellan Day. Hey, are you playing Nexus War?

  2. No sir, I'm not. It's one of those things I just haven't gotten around to. Maybe I'll get into it when I get bored with UD. Or when me and dad finish painting the house. Whichever occurs first.

  3. Captain Awesome12:44 AM

    You should give it a shot, like while you're waiting for your Urban Dead APs to recharge. It's awesome--like UD on steroids.