Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Things 2: Son of Things

Thing 6:

My fan irritates me. It does its job of cooling the room well enough, but I can't use it at night because it's too loud and I can't sleep. See, most fans would have at around 3 settings: off, low, and high. Supposedly, my fan is intended to have those as well, but it does not. It has 3 different settings instead which are mislabelled. The settings read Off, Low, and High, but in reality the settings are (in the same order) Off, High, Category 4. Category 4 is capable of blowing thing off the desks of my roommates. Quite impressive considering there's a solid wall between us. Still, not very useful at night when I want to cool the room off and go to bed around the same time.

Thing 7:

Boogeyman Released. That's right. The only guy left on Smackdown that I like (who really wasn't even on Smackdown since he's been injured for months) has been released. What the hell is WWE doing? It was bad enough when they released Kurt Angle a couple weeks ago, and just this past week Trish Stratus retired. Now the Boogeyman is gone. At this point, all my favorite wrestlers are either on RAW or ECW. Unless Bobby Lashley pulls a title victory out of his ass soon, Smackdown is not worth watching anymore.

More things later possibly. I need sleep now.

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