Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sci-fi Movie Reviews: Part Deux

I seriously doubt I spelled that right.

Eight-Legged Freaks
I saw it Monday night, and I have a hard time forming an opinion about it. The effects and acting weren't too bad, but the story itself just made so little sense I was baffled by it.

--(Spoilers Ahead)--

The ending, of course, involved a steriotypical chase scene followed by the spiders getting blown up. Probably the most cliched way to end one of these movies. And, of course, the authorities don't show up until after they're all dead.

Still, there were a lot of parts that indicated to me that the writer really wasn't taking it seriously. The whole "listen to the kid" thing harkens to countless other sci-fi movies, so it's obviously making fun of the genre.

One more thing: the guy who tried to sex up the sheriff's daughter, but wound up getting tasered in the groin. Seriously, he should've been dead as soon as the spiders showed up. He not only outran them on his bike while all his buddies died, but he superkicked one of them while he and his bike hung in midair after a huge jump.

As if that wasn't enough, he jumped in front of an oncoming fuel truck, which caused the spiders to slam right into it, causing a chain reaction knocking over the power lines and blowing up the whole thing, killing the whole first wave of spiders. A character as inconsequential as that kid has NO right to be that badass. Hell, the main f'ing character didn't do anything that cool.

And it goes on. He tries to escape them by driving into the mines. That's where the spiders have been living the whole time. And yet, somehow, he's still riding around in circles trying to find his way out when everyone else shows up later. Call me cruel, but I couldn't help but think, "Dude, why the hell are you still alive?"

So, overall, not my favorite movie. It was okay in some parts, but really not a wholly satisfying movie. I mainly watched to the end out of boredom, not because I gave a crap. So, if you ever see this one on late night TV, only watch it if there's absolutely nothing else on. It might be good for a laugh if you're drunk, but there's probably something better out there.

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