Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sci-fi Movie Reviews

A few matters to mention today before I start into my main post. First, I love the British.

Seriously, I love the British.

Second, a brief God Hand update. I beat God Hand on Hard Mode. That means I now have all 4 CDs for the jukebox, and the only thing I'm lacking are the trailers for beating challenge #51. Seriously, this is harder than the final boss on Hard mode, if you can picture that.

Third, Schunk owes me money. More on this story as it develops.

Okay, now to my main points:

Movie #1: American Werewolf in Paris
I watched this movie over Friday night. "Why?" you may ask. "Well," I may tell you, "there wasn't shit else on TV." So, I ended up watching this.

Let me tell you, this movie was downright laughably bad. The setting was absurd, the characters were poorly written, the acting was barely passable, and the ending was so horribly corny I almost laughed out loud. The only half-decent part of this flick was the effects, and that's not saying much. This is just further proof that, and all apsiring directors and moviegoers alike should remember this:

Flashy special effects do not a good movie make.

Seriously, avoid this one. If you're ever watching TBS late at night and this comes on, change the channel. Don't make the same mistake I made. It's not worth the 2 hours you would've wasted on it. Those sleepless hours would be better spent staring at the ceiling or counting sheep.

Movie #2: Eye of the Beast
Now, this one I actually kind of liked. I watched it Saturday night on Sci-fi, which means I already had low expectations.

Now, on its surface, this is really just another cheap Sci-fi Saturday monster movie, but upon closer examination, it's really well executed. The characters and acting weren't great, but they were passably believable, which is really all you need in a Sci-fi Saturday flick.

The story was nothing special: A marine biologist type guy investigates the poor catch at a fishery, only to discover a sea monster living in the lake, which no one believes until it's too late, so it's up to him and some locals to kill it. Generic as it was, though, it took a couple turns that I didn't fully expect, and it kept me genuinely interested in the outcome.

Also, (--SPOILER ALERT--) the monster is NOT killed by a big gratuitous explosion at the end. They used electricity, which I'll admit has been done before for sea monsters, but it's not too played out, and in Eye of the Best, they definitely did it with flair.

So, overall, I would recommend this one. If you're a fan of Sci-fi monster movies, or just looking for something a little different, give it a watch next time it's on TV. Or, if you're really ambitious, rent the DVD. It'll probably be on video soon if it isn't already.

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