Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Surgical Procedure Review

A bit off from my usual topics, but I figured this was worth mentioning. I personally have no use for this procedure I'm about to talk about, but I figure I've got at least a few obese readers, so if you're one of them, and you want help losing weight, this might interest you.

Yeah, so basically, I'm pimping Journeylite's website. Before I start in, here's their mission statement:

"Journeylite is a nationwide network of lap band surgical facilities and surgeons who specialize in the LAPBAND procedure for the surgical treatment of obesity. Facilities conveniently located in Los Angeles LA, Houston Texas and Tampa Florida."

For those not in the know, LAPBAND is a relatively new procedure that they use to treat obesity. I have to admit, though, it sounded a little weird to me. The way they describe it, the procedure is basically to tie off a smaller section of your stomach, making food travel through it more slowly. It's almost like having separate stomachs. Sounds cool and all, but it also gives me an excuse to compare you to a cow.

So, this is definitely a bit on the creepy side, but it's apparently pretty innocuous, using very small incisions and instruments. Plus, the logic is there. One of the problems many people have with losing weight is that they're still hungry after eating the amount recommended for their diet. With this, it's like their stomach is smaller, so they can feel satisfied after eating less, and are less prone to overeating in the future.

So, yeah, this sounds pretty cool. It might not be a good option for everyone, though. I mean, if you're just trying to lose a couple pounds for the summer, this might be a little radical. But, if you're seriously obese and your health is suffering because of it, this might be a good option for you to consider.

If you want to learn more about the lap band, here's a link to Journeylite's main website.

lapband los angeles

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