Monday, December 17, 2007

To All Facebook Members

Some of you may have seen a message circulating Facebook which is signed: "Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg". It reads as follows:

"Attention all Facebook membeRs.
Facebook is recently becoming very overpopulated,
There have been many members complaining that Facebook
is becoming very slow.Record shows that the reason is
that there are too many non-active Facebook members
And on the other side too many new Facebook members.
We will be sending this messages around to see if the
Members are active or not,If you're active please send
to other users using Copy+Paste to show that you are active
Those who do not send this message within 2 weeks,
The user will be deleted without hesitation to create more space,
If Facebook is still overpopulated we kindly ask for donations but until then send this message to all your friends and make sure you send
this message to show me that your active and not deleted."

It apparently calls on everyone who gets it to forward it to everyone they know, and claims that their account will be deleted if they don't do this within 2 weeks.

Let me be blunt: this is the stupidest prank I've seen on Facebook in a long time. And believe me, I've seen a lot. If anyone gets this joke message claiming to be from Mark Zuckerberg, please do not forward it.

Now, to anyone who already forwarded it, or who isn't convinced it's a joke, let me point a few things out:
  • First, the fact that the word members is spelled "memberRs" in the message should've been a dead giveaway.
  • Second, I'm no programming genius, but I'm pretty sure there are better ways to see who is active on Facebook besides a viral wall post.
  • Third, if this were really from the creator of Facebook, he wouldn't be perpetuating it through apps like Funwall, which everyone doesn't have installed. He'd probably send a mass mail to everyone's inbox.

Thanks for your attention, everyone. Take it easy, guys and gals. And to the person who started this prank: go sit in the corner, dumbass.


  1. Sometimes I can't believe that people can BE on the internet and so completely computer illiterate.

    Makes me crazy.

  2. Anonymous11:51 AM

    God bless you for coming out and saying it. I received it once today on Facebook and just deleted it. Then my cousin (a wonderful person but nevertheless) sent it to me. I searched for the first few words and fell across your blog. You said succinctly exactly what I was thinking so I forwarded it to her with the words, "whenever anyone tells you to forward something to everyone, you can be sure it's a hoax."

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  4. I'm with ya brother! I've already posted a note to others to NOT forward that crap...

  5. Thanks, guys. I wouldn't have made a big deal about it either, but I got 2 copies of it within hours of each other. Excessive, no?

  6. mighty mic12:57 PM

    Thx a lot, Dan!!! I've just founded a Chain Letter Haters group on Facebook because I'm so fed up with the stupidity of some users. I can't understand that - they're all showing up on every f******* platform how clever, well educated and what so ever they pretend to be, but they fall into every stupid trap... ridiculous...

    Thx 4 your effort - I'm with u and if u wanna join us or just provide us new information when ever u have one - you're welcome!!!

    (you'll find me when you search for Chain Letter Haters on Facebook - I'm the admin)

    lots of respect from Berlin,

  7. Thank you - just my thoughts!

  8. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Not only the fact the more members Facebook has the more money Zucker makes and the more his final sale multiple increases...

    I love seeing things like this on my wall so I can have more confidence in micro targeting my latest application. It's called, "Find out which of your friends are low IQ gullible morons" It should be debuting on April 1st.

  9. pitpat11:18 PM

    I'm a victim of stupidity!!

    As an avid Hoax Buster I fell prey.

    Fore shame! LOL


    I'll pass on the link to this blog though.

  10. Anonymous12:00 AM

    I got this 5 times already today! Aaargh! I looked it up right away hoping it would be on hoaxslayer or snopes, but not yet. In addition to 'membeRs', the wrong 'your' is used in the last line - it should be 'you're'.

  11. Anonymous9:37 PM

    I have received this message about 10 times in the last 2 days. Very annoying! I almost need a spam filter on my wall! Or maybe just less dumb friends.

  12. Jepsen11:59 AM

    Thank you so much!!! :-)

  13. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Do not send too many warnigs either on this subject, since that would be just doubling the post: every moron sended the message and every clever guy and gal sent the warning == a mess.. :)

  14. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Thank you very much of informing all faithful facebook memebers!!

  15. Anonymous2:46 PM

    thanks alot dan for letting me know.cheers
    maria hardy

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