Monday, December 03, 2007

Dashboard Confessional

(This post has nothing to do with the band, so don't get your hopes up)

I'm not a very religious man, so I've never really been one to go to confession. Still, I've heard confession is good for the soul. I haven't done anything too heinous in my day, but I think we all have one thing or another we need to come clean about sooner or later.

What about you? Done anything cringe-worthy lately? I know, I'm certainly no holy man, but I like to help people however I can, and I'm always willing to lend an ear to whoever wants it. So, if any of my readers have something weighing on their conscience, or just want to brag about their evil exploits, now's a fine time to fess up. You can even do so anonymously if you want.

And if you don't trust me enough to confess to, why not confess to Sweeney Todd? Lame segue, I know, but I had to mention this movie somehow. I've always been a big Tim Burton fan, and Johnny Depp has been growing on me. From the trailers I've seen so far, Sweeney Todd is going to be a great old-school horror flick. Too many films these days use flashy effects, pointless twists and excessive gore to thinly cover up bad acting and weak story. But I know Tim Burton is too good for that. The man's a story-teller. No cheap scares and weak plotlines here; just pure, unadulterated cinematic terror.

Okay, I think I'm rambling a bit now. Anyway, to check out Sweeney Todd's confessional, click the link in the previous paragraph. And to learn more about the master Tim Burton's latest movie, visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site.

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