Friday, June 20, 2008

And That's When It Started Raining...

Started my first day on the job today. Things went about as badly as they possibly could, considering what an easy job this was supposed to be.

To start with, I've got some kind of stomach bug today. I muscled through it to get to work, but ended up there almost a half hour late because I was confined to the bathroom for a while beforehand. Once I finally got on the road, the deliveries were going pretty smoothly. One building was kind of hard to find, but otherwise it was smooth sailing for a good 45 minutes.

Then my car broke down. Apparently, I should have left the engine running in the driveway, because the two hot boxes plugged into cigarette lighter was just too much for the battery. So, I had to call for help. Jen at the office was very understanding. She said she'd be sending someone over to finish the route, so I just had to worry about my car.

While I waited for the cavalry to arrive, I got some help from Mr. Russel and his daughter. After the three of us struggled for ten minutes with the seemingly simple task of opening the hood of my car, they gave me a jump, and I was able to get it started again. But I still had to stick around until someone came to pick up the route where I'd left off.

And that's when it started raining. The woman who had trained me yesterday showed up to save my sorry hide. She took the remaining stuff off my hands and left me with the reassuring knowledge that I definitely wasn't fired yet.

So, with the job at hand taken care of, all I had to do then was navigate my way home through downtown Schenectady in pouring rain. Yeah, that was about as fun as it sounds.

Finally, after about four wrong turns, 2 large potholes, 3 near-miss fender-benders, and a road closed for construction, I managed to get home. Obviously, I wouldn't be writing this now if I hadn't. Anyway, all I can say is that I hope next week on the job goes better. That should be easy. After all, it's pretty much an easy job, I now know the routes a little better, and I know to leave the car running while I run inside. Unless a meteor falls out of the sky and flattens my ride, I'm pretty sure next week can only be better.

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