Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Feels Something Like Summertime

I wish someone would explain Bon Jovi to me. Did he just wake up one day and go, "Hey, I'm gonna be a country singer now!" I like his album Lost Highway, but it's kind of new ground for him. I mean, sure, he's always had kind of a cowboy vibe, but not like this.

I'm still unemployed. Not necessarily hating it. My car's still in the shop, though. I'm not sure what's going on there, but this means my mom can't get on my back for not looking for a job, because I physically can't leave the house until they get the thing fixed.

I'm applying to go to SUNYIT in the fall, but there's no guarantee they'll take me. If they do, I'll be safe from the student loan company's bill collecting ninjas. I've managed to evade them so far with a combination of dumb luck and smoke bombs, but I can't hold out forever. Being back in school full-time is the only surefire way to get them off my back. So, here's hoping SUNYIT works out for me.

Also, I finished Primal. I didn't totally love it, but it was certainly a fun play. Plus, the only game I've got that cost less is Lifeline. I actually got it for free at GameStop with their buy-2-get-one deal. I might even go back and finish playing it now, what with Primal being done and all. Who knows? Maybe today shouting into a microphone at a ditzy blonde will seem like fun. Lord knows I don't get enough of that living back home with dear old mother.

Did I mention I want to get out of this house and go back to school in the fall? Okay. Just checking.

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