Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Slow Down Before You Hurt Yourself

I've been kind of busy lately. Since I'm a new employee with the Meals on Wheels thing, I had to fill out this mountain of paperwork for tax purposes. I finally turned that all in yesterday, but I'm still not finished. I also have to get a PPD test and bring back the results within two weeks. There's two more appointments for next week. It's an inconvenience, but at least it'll be good to know I don't have tuberculosis.

Since the program is run by the Catholic Diocese of Schenectady, I also need to go to a mandatory Virtus training presentation. This kind of crap always happens, doesn't it? Thanks to a few priests who couldn't keep their hands off of young boys, now everyone even loosely affiliated with the Catholic church has to go to a mandatory pedophelia awareness seminar. Same reason car windows don't go all the way down in the back seat, and McDonald's has to put a little "Warning: This is Hot" message on their apple pies, which more often than not are just lukewarm. A few bad eggs, and the whole damn hen house has to submit to a cavity search.

Anyway, I finally heard back from SUNYIT, and I set up an interview for early next week. They want to see my high school transcript, so I had to call over to BHBL high. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow, which I guess will have to happen after my doctor's appointment but before my haircut. Like I said, I've been kind of busy lately.

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