Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mixed Bag

I started my new job today. As usual, I was right. It's pretty much a cakewalk. I've got the route all written out in case I forget anything, and everyone's very friendly. Short of an old lady falling and breaking her hip, there's not much that can go wrong.

Wednesday was rough, though. It was one of those Murphy's Law days. I was supposed to go to a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, but I couldn't go. I didn't understand how or why, but my car's battery turned up dead. Apparently, my mom went to close the windows last night and accidentally left the door ajar. Thus, the interior light never turned off all night, and the battery was totally drained.

So, anyway, since my car was shot, I was going to borrow the truck. Trouble is, the keys weren't in it. My dad had the keys, and he was at work at the time. There's apparently a spare set of keys in the house somewhere, but no one knows where. Mighty handy, huh?

So, I then had to call Dr. E to let her know I wouldn't be there in time. Except I couldn't. First, I called the wrong number a couple times by accident because apparently her secretary uses a different extension or something. Then, once I realized the problem and called the right number, I couldn't get through because it was busy. Then when I tried again, I was apparently being attacked by a ghost or something, because a dead zone appeared out of nowhere right over my room, and I couldn't get so much as one bar. Then, when the dead zone lifted, no one was answering. It was almost six o'clock that night when I finally got ahold of her secretary to reschedule the appointment.

God, I'm exhausted just thinking about that day again.

Anyway, on the videogame front, I'm taking a break from Rogue Galaxy. I got the sudden urge to go back and finish hard mode in Killer7, so I'm doing just that. Killer7 is just one of those rare games that has a lasting impression on you, you know? I also got a cool idea for a music video, which I'm working on now.

That'll be posted whenever I finish. Until then, peace my homies.

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